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Is Amazon Prime Worth it?

A big question that we get asked often is “Is it worth signing up for Amazon Prime?”. The short answer is “yes”, but it also depends on your situation. A monthly Amazon Prime subscription runs $14.99 a month, which comes out to almost $180 for the entire year.

Now, the main perk of Amazon Prime is the promise of “free” 2-day shipping or less. I have to admit, as procrastinator that often waits until the last minute to place orders, getting my packages as soon as possible is important to me. Prime allows me to order things last minute and still have to arrive by the time I need it. For instance, I was able to get my sister a birthday gift that she really wanted just 3 days before he actual b-day.

Although, it’s incredibly convenient, something you will have to ask yourself is “Do I order a lot of packages?” If the answer is yes, then the ShopSweeps team believes that Prime is a no brainer. If you find yourself ordering multiple things from Amazon a month, then it’ll totally be worth the $180/year for the free 2-day shipping. Note: You can get a cheaper rate on Prime if you pay for the year all at once. If you have the cash on hand, this makes sense for the sake of saving money in the long run. If you don't have the funds available, then you can just pay as you go. (You can also enter for a chance to win an Amazon Prime subscription here)

However, if you find that you order packages infrequently, then perhaps it’s not worth signing up for a Prime membership. It would best to use the standard 5-7 day free shipping and then pay for the 2-day shipping when you really need it. This will come out to less the yearly $180. And the good news is, if you find yourself starting to order more and more packages, all you have to do is just sign up and put in your credit card info and create a Prime account.

It doesn’t get talked about often, but another benefit of Amazon Prime is you have access to Amazon’s movie and music collection. That’s right, built into the monthly cost is the ability to stream some of the biggest block busters around and some cool, new original content from Amazon’s studios. Plus, you can listen to some of the biggest radio hits or even some nostalgic oldies. I had a 2 year window a few years ago where I just wasn't in a position to afford another monthly subscription, so Apple Music and Spotify were not on my radar. I ended up using Amazon's Music platform for quite a while, and although it is a tier below Apple and Spotify, I found it to be incredibly useful, especially for older music. 

If you really want to supplement Amazon's music catalogue, you can always create a free, ad-supported Spotify account. Although you will have to listen to ads from time to time, the two together should fill in the gaps of all the music you need.