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Compare and Save Techniques

Brand vs Store-Brand

Shopping can be very tedious. Which hand cream should I get? Should I get the one with the popular name brand or the lesser known one that is cheaper. What about those store brands? They get a bad reputation, but don’t they contain the same ingredients

What about those store brands? They get a bad reputation, but don’t they contain the same ingredients. These are some of the many tough questions you must ask yourself when purchasing goods. For this we have some advice from a retail insider: Always Use Compare and Save Techniques.

When choosing between products to buy, you must assess if the higher quality is worth the higher price. You must also ask yourself how attached you are to a particular brand or product. Here is just one example: You always buy the expensive hand cream because you like to way it smells and it makes your hands very smooth and glitzy. However, it is getting to be too much money and you want to restrain yourself from spending that much. The best thing you can do is to do some research and find something comparable. Go to some online reviews to see if the fellow users of the product were happy with it. Seek out negative reviews to see how bad it could get for you. Let’s say you are already at the store and browsing. When looking for a comparative alternative, see if they have a generic or store brand of the product.

The reputation of store/generic brands are not the best, but if you compare the ingredients with the name brand, they are extremely similar if not identical. As an avid shopper, I find it helpful to give store brands a try and to continue buying the product if I like it. Nearly all of the time, these products are cheaper, but they do not suffer in quality. Store and Generic brands are usually found right next to the name brand, often with comparative pricing signs up. Try that store/generic brand if you are looking to save some money but not sacrifice the quality.

Personally, I am always trying to save where I can, so I have a rule with most store items. I am always willing to try the generic, non-branded version product at least once. Almost 90% of time I end up finding that the product is just as good. And even if it's not, sometimes the extra savings offsets the slight downgrade in quality. It usually depends on your wants and needs, but don't be afraid to steer away from the brand names. You might just find that particular product is really just good branding/marketing and nothing more!

Store vs Store

Let’s say that you narrowed it down to the product that you want, but you’re not sure if that’s a good price of not. My favorite technique is comparing prices across multiple stores. It’s quite easy with the use a computer. All you must do is google the specific product and look at the prices from different vendors. Within 30 seconds, you could end up saving your self lot’s of money just by seeing which retailer has the product for cheaper.