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Cyber Monday Versus Black Friday

I remember sitting at the Thanksgiving table talking to family members about their Black Friday shopping plans. They’d talk about getting up early, knowing they would have to hunt for parking sports (remember when malls were always super crowded?), battle for the last VCR (or DVD player more recently), Cabbage Patch Kid (I am going way back), TV, Video Game or whatever they wanted and then endure long waits on line to get rung up.

I always thought they were crazy for going through all that, but they were getting amazing deals on everything they bought, so I guess it was worth it.

Fortunately, now we have Cyber Monday, where you can go pretty much any online store and get huge discounts on pretty much anything you want. All you need is an internet connection and you can shop away from the comfort of your home or workplace with a computer, tablet or even smart phone. No need to do battle with other shoppers. No need to waste gas, peddle a bike, walk, take the bus or train or do whatever you normally do to get to your favorite stores.

My favorite places to shop online include Amazon because they have pretty much anything you could ever want and fast shipping, Patagonia for awesome jackets, sweatshirts and more (I really dig their repair policy too), Walmart for great pricing and Staples for my home office needs, not to mention the peanut butter pretzels they sell that I am addicted to. Where do you like shopping online best?

Besides not having to trek to the mall or store, more great things about shopping online is that you can check out reviews and get an idea of what people like or dislike about whatever you are considering and it is so easy to compare prices to find out who has the best deals. If you use a cashback shopping site, you may even be able to earn a cashback reward to save even more. Use a credit card that gives you points if you have one to benefit even more.

Something to also factor into your decision making is figuring out ahead of time what you are in the market for. Historically, Black Friday ends up being the day in which you should try to get an item like a TV. I personally have found that I get better deals on clothing when cyber Monday rolls around just a few days later. Regardless, both days end up being great days to get bargains ahead of the holiday season. But if you miss out on something, please don't worry! Almost all major retailers will offer another set of promotions and discounts with Christmas is close! You will usually have more than one chance to get what you are looking for at a discount. Also, just in case, we are giving away a $50 Gap gift card -- enter for a chance to win here!

Whether you decide to shop online or venture to your favorite brick and mortar shops we hope you find what you want at the best possible prices. Happy shopping!