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Enter For a Chance To Win Or Buy?

Shopsweeps is chock full of wonderful products and prizes that you can enter to win each and every day. While nothing is better than winning a 100% free sweepstakes, there may be things you need and want to buy right away.

In that regard, Shopsweeps may even give you some good ideas and introduce you to items you may want to purchase. Shopsweeps of course has cash giveaways, which if won could be used to buy whatever the winner wants as well as gift cards at leading retailers and merchandise.

Gift Cards
You can enter to win gift cards for the following retailers; Target, Amazon and the Gap. There is also a $500 Visa gift card sweepstakes that you can use virtually anywhere if you enter and are picked as the winner? If you won this Visa gift card, what do you think you would do with it? Would you go on a little vacation and use at for a hotel room? Maybe go out to some nice dinners? Perhaps shop at your favorite local store? That would be up to you if you won. Whoever wins the Gap gift card will be able to pick up some nice clothing. Our Target and Amazon gift card winners will be able to buy anything from groceries, to electronics, to clothing and pretty much anything else.

Three merchandise giveaways on Shopsweeps include a Chromebook 3 laptop, a 50’ Smart TV and a Kindle Fire 8. Chromebooks are fast and versatile laptops that let users surf the web, use Google apps, use social media sites, send mail and watch videos in addition to so much more. I don’t know about you, but I love smart TVs. In addition to my favorite tv and cable channels, I can watch stream my favorite shows and movies on Netflix, Disney + (I just tried it for the first time yesterday and love it) and Hulu, watch videos on YouTube and even listen to music after connecting to my Spotify account. The Kindle Fire 8 is a useful tablet that you can read books from, watch videos on, play games and apps and check out the internet from along with much more.

So, while we encourage you to enter our giveaways for 100% free chances to win these awesome prizes, we won’t blame you if you decide to shop at any of these retailers and buy anything you feel like you want right now.


If you are truly in need of an item and are able to buy it through a big store that offers discounts, then that may be best for you. As a reminder, sweepstakes winners are chosen at random and the prize runs are limited for each giveaway. However, you can always enter the giveaway anyway for a chance to win. Winners can opt for the cash value option too!