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Always Check the Website Homepage for Coupons

Let’s say you have an itch to go buy something for yourself, or you just simply need some household products. Although going to store could get you the product faster than delivery, which typically takes 2-5 days, you might just save yourself a boatload of money if you order online.

I’m going to let you guys in a shopping tip that not everyone knows about and it’s one of my favorite things to do. I often try to make a game out of it to see if i can save more than i did the next time. Here it is — an it’s quite simple: Check the website homepage of the company that you are looking to make a purchase from.

Like for instance, as i am writing this article I realized i needed new kitchenware and a new bathroom rug, which tend to get icky pretty quickly. My first reaction was to check one of my favorite, most reliable stores — Target. Not even kidding, but on the homepage of their site i was asked if i wanted 25% off home items for one of their holiday sales. If I’m willing to wait about 2 days, i can save a whole chunk of money just by using the internet quickly. (PS If you are interested in a Target giftcard, you can enter for a chance to win our $100 Target Card Giveaway)

Walmart is another amazing site when it comes to checking for coupons on the home page. In fact, i encourage to check out multiple websites when you need particular items. This way you can either find the best coupon, or strategize on which site you should order the particular item depending upon which coupons are being offered.

But back to coupons on the homepage. Walmart right now is offering deals across multiple categories of products, including Toys and Holiday. To me this is perfect since I tend to host Christmas and Thanksgiving. I will be able to use the homepage coupons get my family the gifts that they wanted. But i can also accomplish two things at once. I will be able to get supplies for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It also pays to check out the homepage of a website, especially if you have never ordered from said company or store. If you don’t already have an account with them, they can tell and will usually prompt an email submit form. Sometimes all you have to do is submit your email and you will get a coupon to your inbox for up to 25% off. The best part is, now that the company has your email, they will continue to send you emails alerting you about their best deals year long.