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Why I Love Shopping Online

I really love shopping online. Perhaps too much, but there are some really good reasons why. There is an old saying, “Time is money” and the reality is that shopping at my favorite retailers online saves me a ton of time and you really cannot put a price on that. 

Don’t get me wrong, as there are a few things I really feel like I need to buy in person, like produce (I need to pick out my bananas and avocados myself!), certain types of clothing and furniture (I want to see how couches and mattresses feel before buying them), but for the most part, I can buy just about anything online.

Back to why I love shopping online… for one, you can get a lot of information via reviews. While you do have to be careful as some are obviously fake, you can really get a good idea about a product from reviews. Another reason I like shopping online is that you can compare prices very easily. You never know who is going to have the best price on that new TV you are looking for, though it is a good bet that Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Target will be in the running for the best deal.

One concern I used to have was that returning items could prove to be difficult, however my experience with the sites I use have always been great. Most companies ship product with return labels making returns super easy – certainly easier than having to drive back to wherever you buy from if you bought from a brick and mortar store. I remember one of my earlier online purchases being from Zappos around 2001. Not only did Zappos ship my shoes overnight, which was a big deal back in 2001, but I remember how easy it was to return shoes that didn’t fit (luckily most of my orders from Zappos over the years have fit just fine).

This of course brings me to my favorite reason for shopping online which I alluded to earlier. Buying what I need online saves me a ton of time to take care of more important things in life. No need to take a twenty-minute ride to and from the mall anymore. No need to waste a couple of gallons of gas either. No need to battle holiday shopping crowds or wait on long lines. Nope, shopping online makes life easier, more efficient and usually saves me money on top of that.