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Sweepstakes 101

Some Basic Sweepstakes Tips

Shop Sweeps is there to bring you the 4-1-1 on how to make the most of shopping while giving you chances to win amazing giveaways. Maybe you’ll see something on the site and decide you need it now and want to buy it. On the flipside, we’re sure you’ll find things you were thinking of buying but want to enter for a chance to win on the site. That’s cool too. For this post, we are going to go through some basic sweepstakes tips that everyone entering giveaways should be in the know about.

Sweepstakes Are Free

Sweepstakes are 100% free. That’s it. End of story. Seriously though, to be a legitimate sweepstakes like the ones on this site, it has to be free to enter. If you win a prize, you never have to pay a penny. If anyone from anywhere contacts you stating that you won a prize, but that you have to pay for shipping or anything else, hang up or delete the email. It isn’t real if they say that. Plain and simple. Do not fall for anything like this.

Make Sure You Are Eligible

Some giveaways are only valid in certain states or countries, perhaps due to local laws. Many giveaways require that entrants are over 18 or in some cases 21 years of age. Make sure that you are eligible and follow the rules to ensure that your entry is valid.

Use Correct Information

We fully understand and appreciate that you should be careful with any personal information you share, which is why ShopSweeps asks for the bare minimum to enter our giveaways. We need email address so that we can contact winners, so do not use a fake email or even one that you don’t check often. We won’t be able to reach you if you are picked as a winner. What would be the point of entering a sweepstakes only to be unreachable. While many sites ask you a bunch of personal questions in addition to full postal info, cell phone number, date of birth and more, we simply ask for your email so we can reach you if you win and to send you sweepstakes reminders (you can unsubscribe from the reminders at any time and if you do, don’t worry… if you win, you’ll still get your winner notice).

Wins Over $600 Require A W9

Should you win a prize worth $600 or more, you will be required to fill out a W9 which will get submitted to the IRS. This has nothing to do with the site asking for it and is 100% a legal requirement that must be fulfilled for prizes of this amount.